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At the Mainschleife everybody will find something suitable to do: Shoptalk during a hike through the vineyards, a city stroll topped with the buy of a piece of jewellery or explore the region on a segway-tour.

Martina Gehring from Fahr, is a winegrower, lecturer of wine and touristguide of the tour„Franconian Wine Experience“. Everone takes benefits from her great experience. During her guided two hour tour you will get further knowledge of winemaking and the soil geology. You can taste her exquisite wines, special liqueurs and schnaps, because she is the owner of a destillery.

(Fahr is well known for its orchards) Maybe you take home some bottles as souvenir. The tour is bilingual and takes as long as it takes, you will even enjoy franconian fingerfood with your glass of wine.“ Wine is culture and lifestyle“- is the saying of Martha Gehring. Martha Gehring and „Art of Chocolate“in Schwarzach offer a tasting of the combination with wine and chocolate. There you will get the proof, that not only redwine goes with dark chocolate, some white wines match as well. Martha will show you how to discover and enjoy the variety and flavours of both: wine and chocolate. That event is bookable over the tourist information Volkach. Any event with Martha is an unforgetable pleasure-you can book her wine seminars as well.

Viticulture&Liqueurs Bernhard & Martha Gehring Touristguide & Winelecturer Martha Gehring Traubengasse 7, 97332 Fahr, Tel. 09381-3510


Photo: studio zudem

Text: Guido Chuleck



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