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Many roads lead to the Mainschleife

Information, channels, possibilities

A visit at the Volkacher Mainschleife – could be a daytrip or a even few days  with friends or your family. By planning such a trip always the same questios come up:How and where to get best informations and insider tips?

The 13-member team at the tourist information office has been working on this issue for a long time and has developed many information options for its customers. The first one ist he guest magazine Mainzeit. For over twelve years, this 70- page strong medium has been a very popular source of information. The editorial team always wants to take a look behind the scenes. The magazine is published in November for winter and spring- and in June for summer and autumn. You can subscribe at to get it for free or read it just online at There are also presented 360° videos and photo galleries. In addition you will find the hours for guided tours and event dates; daily updated You can send your request for a tour or a hotel room via email, there are over 70 accommodatios available plus a list with all 120 places to stay. Facebook users can get all news at: Volkacher Mainschleife with it’s 12.000 followers. Furthermore you can post your recommandatios or questions.

 Standing on the market square you can use a stele as source of information. The so called explorer -navigation is particularly popular: graphically animated maps take the user on a journey around the Mainschleife and presents many tips fort he perfect day out. It‘s on you to choose the source of information. You can also contact the tourist information office in person.


Photo: studio zudem

Text: Marco Maiberger



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