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Monument and historic center tour

Also small historical cities go with the times, this is why there are interactive monument tours. No need of a classic guide book or other pieces of paper- just your mobile to explore the city.Two tours are available: The historic center tour with10 and the Mainschleifentour with 27 stops. For important monuments there are green or orange coloured steles with QR-codes to be scanned and so you will be informed by audio and video about it.

1100 years of history, the most exciting monuments all presented on your display, if you download the App. Preferably start your trip to the past from the marketplace where it all begun. Since the middle of the 13th century Volkach calls itself a city, but the economic independence started only in July 1404, when King Rupprecht III permitted people to hold a market. What it must have looked like back then at day and at night- you’ll have all information and pictures on your phone a lot faster than looking through a travel guide. Next stop is the church St.Bartholomäus, after all 700 years old and really worth a look inside.

Important meeting points are Oberer Markt and Alter Bahnhof in the south of the city, where the busterminal is located. By scanning the QR code you learn that since 1909 Volkach has been connected to the railways.

No question, the Schelfenhaus a city palace from 1719 is a feast for the eyes and is still used for festivities. On your phone you can follow the fast changing lifestory of its builder, the merchant Johann Georg Adam Schelf. In addition you are able to take a look inside the palace outside the opening hours. Next stop is the museum Barockscheune, there you will be able to see how proud the citizens were of their town and their craft. As it should be for an old Franconian town, Volkach had a stone wall all around. The town gates, marked by their large towers ,are fully preserved. The App tells you how important such a wall has former been, for the city.

Now it is time to leave Volkach over the main road to the bridge Mainbrücke, the original one was built in 1892 and connects Volkach and Astheim. Nowadays you see a modern version of the bridge.

For the last and essential stop you have to go all the way up into the vineyards and find the church Maria im Weingarten, which is a landmark of Volkach and has been the spiritual center at the Mainschleife.


Photo: studio zudem

Text: Timo Lechner



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