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The hiking tour with a total length of almost 17 km starts at the market place. The path leads along the Untere Hauptstraße towards Freibad.There across the street the Kirchbergweg begins- there are signs showing you your way to church Maria im Weingarten. Inside the chapel you’ll find the statue „Madonna im Rosenkranz“ from the artist Tilman Riemenschneider. Standing on the viewing platform in the garden you have a perfect overview of Volkach and Astheim with its monastery.

Using the steps through the vineyards you will get back to the path Rebsortenlehrpfad and find yourself in the famous Volkacher Ratsherr. The hike leads along the panoramic path, reaching the highest point. you can see the citadel Vogelsburg on the other side of the river, which is another stop on your route. Next stop before entering Fahr is the little chapel Kreuzkapelle. Along the way which runs parallel to the road, there are benches- a welcome opportunity to rest for a while. When you reach Fahr, there are a few locations to refresh. After your meal just follow the signs to the Mainfähre. With the ferry you can cross the river Main easily. It is open from noon on workingdays and the whole day on weekends. After the crossover the trails leads to Kaltenhausen. During the summer month you can sit down in the Biergarten and enjoy franconian dishes and of course a glass of cold beer. On the other side of the garden the path continues and leads to Escherndorf. There is a station for the Main Loop Rail which brings you back to Volkach from May to October on Sunday and public holidays. During September and October the rail drives even on Saturdays. On your way to Escherndorf the panoramic hiking path brings you to the viewing point Terroir F -a so called magic place of franconian wine. There is a lot of information about viticulture and a really beautyful view on the Main River Loop. Next stop is the castle Vogelsburg, where you can visit the church Mara Schütz. Nearby is a restaurant with a terrace at the stonewall from where you have a great view to the river. You don’t have to eat- just enjoy a glass of wine. The last part of the hike starts in the parking lot, towards Astheim and leads over the bridge to Volkach. From the bridge there is again a magnificent view at the church Maria im Weingarten. From here you follow the sign Innenstadt to reach the market square with the historic town hall.


Photo: studio zudem

Text: Marco Maiberger



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