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The wine festival guide

The classic grapes of Franconia, culinary treats like“ Bratwurst“and „Schäuferle“ and wine princesses strolling through the crowds are the cornerstones of the iconic wine festivals in our region. May to mid - September marks the high season for these events ranging from traditional to modern Franconian.

People living in the “Mainschleife“-area are very sociable, so guests will easily get in contact with them while enjoying their glass of wine. Every guest is very welcome and if you have trouble choosing which of the over 50 annual festivities to attend, the „Mainzeit“ wine festival guide will be of service.

A „Hofschoppenfest“ will be a great opportunity to talk to winemakers. The respective winemaker family opens their wineyard and offers wine along with homemade food. You can get a „Hofschoppen“festival-overview at the tourist information. You can meet all winemakers of a village at the village‘s winefestival. Twelve wine festivals take place from mid June until the end of August.The season is kicked off with the first outdoor festival in „Nordheim“. The largest festival is hosted by Volkach in the middle of August. Here, eleven winemakers offer 120 different wines.  Most of the wine festivals are street festivals, and the inner villages are closed for vehicles. There are also historic places to savour your wine, like the „Kartäuser Weinfest“ which takes place in the monastery in Astheim.

The „Lebensart“ festival in Volkach is another extraordinary experience. Some winemakers open their courtyards , where you find differnt styles of live music and special dishes served. „Silvaner bei Nacht“ (Silvaner at night) is an outdoor event that takes place on two Fridays in june.  Later on, in the beginning of September Sommerach hosts two Open Vineyard days called Erleben und Genießen (experience and enjoy) with 20 different spots. You will find the largest Mainschleifen outdoor winery on the  marketsquare of Volkach with 100 different wines from about 50 vineyards from Wipfeld to Volkach and Sommerach.

Untereisenheim and Obereisenheim offer cultural events on two weekends in September and ,of course, wine is also part of it. In other words: You should celebrate festivals as they fall- which is the philosophy of the Mainsschleife residents.

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Photo: studio zudem, Ellen Kimmel

Text: Marco Maiberger



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