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Waterwalker Volkach

The Mainloop Volkach- the Heart Mainfranken Tour

In the Mainloop after the lock Astheim, where the river Main is too shallow for big boats,you  can explore the originally cultural landscape.

Our canoes are spacious and safe and without any motornoise you are able to hear all the different types of birdsongs. Maybe you see herons searching for food. Passing the Hallburg and the Vogelsburg you will reach Nordheim, which invites to stroll around the little alleys and romantic backyards. After that shore excursion you canoe past Sommerach and Gerlachshausen,where the Altmain and the navigable Main combine again. After a while you will be able to see the towers of the monastery Münsterschwarzach and on the right shore there waits your bus which takes you back to Volkach.

The tour is available with canoes for 1 or 2 persons, for 4 persons or even a group from 8 to 10 people. There is the possibility to combine a winetasting or a visit of a Heckenwirtschaft  with the Heart Mainfranken Tour. The tour has a length of 8-10km and lasts 2 to 4 hours it starts at 10 a.m

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