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Art gallery Schweinfurt

From indoor pool to art gallery

The gallery is connected to the business family Sachs. It is situaded in the former indoor pool house, which has been a gift from Ernst Sachs (Fichtel& Sachs) to his hometown Schweinfurt. Since 2009 it is used as exhibition house and famous for the great collection „Art after 1945“ in Germany. A contribute to its establishment were the bavarian exhibition“Main and Sea“(2013) and the collection „Gunter Sachs“(2013/2014) with 65.000 visitors.


The new permanent exhibition

New glances at the collection

Due to the 10th anniversary in 2019 the permanent exhibition has been completely refurbished. „Art after 1945“ is now presented on to floors with a new hanging to give the paintings more space.There are creations from Willi Baumeister, Georg Meistermann, Quadriga, ZEN 49, Junger Westen , SPUR,WIR, GEFLECHT and Kollektiv Herzogstrasse. The new focus is on the donation from Gallery van de Loo with pieces of the „Münchner Malerei der Nachkriegszeit“. The basement presents a collection from 1950 till today „The individuum and the society“. The new round ends with acquisitions ranging from sculptures, photography, videoart to mixed media.

„To support health, well being and blessing“, that’s written in golden letters on the sign over the entrance. That could be also the motto of the art gallery, where you can linger and calm down like being in a indoor pool.

Kunsthalle Schweinfurt

Rüfferstraße 4, 97421 Schweinfurt

Tel. 09721-51 4721 (Kasse)

Opening hours

Daily: 10 – 17 p.m., Thursdays. 10 – 21 p.m .Closed on mondays (except puplic holidays)


Photo: Peter Leutsch, Schwebheim; Kunsthalle Schweinfurt/Jan Soldin


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