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Museum Barockscheune

History, landscape and culture of the Mainschleife are wonderfully united in this permanent exhibition. You get lots of information of the history of Volkach like:

The city

Volkach was first mentioned in a document in 906. The convenient location by the river Main made the place a political and economic center.

The sovereigns

The first ones reigning over Volkach were the earls of Castell, since 1521 the prince-bishops from Würzburg and after secularization the kings of Bavaria. Due to the Bavarian Constitution since 1818 the people got their rights first time.

The history

The highlight of the exhibition is a 10 pound weighing book from Niklas Brobst (town clerk), telling us stories about life by 1500 in over thousand pages and 128 colored illustrations. It is a real rarity and awarded in 2018 as „Bavarian Homeland Treasure“.

Bocksbeutel- Collection

Bocksbeutel is a typical franconian wine bottle. The exhibition illustrates its transformation in form and usage for the last 300 years.

Viniculture and landscape

The river Main makes its way through the limestone landscape by forming the biggest river loop in Bavaria. Since early middle ages this area is an excellent base for winegrowing bringing out magnificent wines.That exhibition compares past and present viticulture.


The Niklas Brobst Path for kids

In the museum there is a ralley for kids during which they have to climb up vineyards, to feel for things in the dark and in the end to crack the code of a safe, if the opening is successful there will be a surprise.

500 years ago Niklas Brobst has been the clerk of Volkach. In his writing room in the town hall he wrote everything down what has been required from the mayor or city council. Meanwhile he often overheard secrets and instantly noted them in a little book, later stored in the safe from his desk, where it still is.

Opening hours:

Museumsjahr: Easter – 1. November (Allerheiligen)

Friday: 14 – 17p.m.| Saturday, Sunday

Public Holidays: 11 – 17 p.m.


Photo: studio zudem


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